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Design By Place:  Exploring the Integration of our Natural & Built Environments
Place-Based Design is a philosophy towards the built environment that lies at
the heart of our practice.  Join us as we explore some of the ways that ‘place’
can inform, influence, and energize our ideas-rich approach to architecture,
as we pursue ever-more integrated and optimized site and building solutions.
Our blog postings for the Daily Courier, covering topics from
fire-safe landscaping, to energy saving light bulbs, to creating
a more sustainable local economy– all while keeping an eye
on the bottom line.

Green Tech 101:  A Look @ Evolving Materials, Products & Technologies
We’re constantly scanning the web for new and evolving
developments in sustainable materials, products and
technologies. Filtering out those that are more green
'washed' than truly green.

News Newsworthy Happenings @ Catalyst
From recent contract awards and publication, to community
outreach events, to staff milestones, check out the latest
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